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I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at UCLA. I am on the market in 2018/19 and will be available for interviews at the ASSA meetings in Atlanta. My fields of interest are Labor and Development.


The Effects of Parental Incarceration on Educational Attainment (JMP)

This paper provides causal evidence on the effect of parental incarceration on children's educational attainment using data from Colombia. I collected criminal records for 100,000 convicted parents who are part of Colombia's poverty census, and tracked their children's educational attainment and criminal records. I exploit the exogenous variation in incarceration that results from random assignment of defendants to judges who differ in their leniency regarding conviction and incarceration decisions. I innovate in the estimation of causal effects in a model with three treatment values and two selection margins. I find large positive effects of parental incarceration on children's educational attainment. I estimate an average increase of 0.6 years of schooling. There is evidence of heterogeneous treatment effects along observable and unobservable characteristics; the effect decreases with unobserved parental quality, for non violent crimes, girls, the oldest sibling and for poor households.


The Effect of Human Capital on Earnings: Evidence from a Reform in Colombia’s top University (2018) Journal of Public Economics. Vol 157, January. pp 212-225


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