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I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at UCLA. I am on the market in 2018/19 and will be available for interviews at the ASSA meetings in Atlanta. My fields of interest are Labor and Development.


The Cost of Bad Parents: Evidence from Incarceration on Children's Education (JMP)

This paper provides evidence that parental incarceration increases children's educational attainment. I collect criminal records for 100,000 convicted poor parents in Colombia and track the educational attainment of their children. To overcome endogeneity concerns in incarceration I use exogenous variation that results from the random assignment of defendants to judges who differ in their stringency to convict and send defendants to prison. My identification differs from the one in the literature using judges variation because I only observe convicted parents. I model the incarceration decision as a two stage process where judges first decide on conviction and then on incarceration, and I exploit judge's leniency on each stage. I find parental incarceration improves children's educational attainment by an average of 0.6 years. This positive effect is larger when worse parents go to prison, when the incarceration is for a violent crime, for boys and when the incarcerated parent is a mother.  (Link)


The Effect of Human Capital on Earnings: Evidence from a Reform in Colombia’s top University (2018) Journal of Public Economics. Vol 157, January. pp 212-225

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