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I am an economist with research interests in labor, education and crime. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto. I received my PhD from UCLA in 2019, and a MA and BA from Universidad de los Andes.

Job Market Paper “The Cost of Bad Parents: Evidence from the Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children's Education”

Mentions in media: WSJ: Real Time Economics / Radio interview (in Spanish -minute 55) / Techonomy -podcast.


The Effect of Human Capital on Earnings: Evidence from a Reform in Colombia’s top University (2018) Journal of Public Economics. Vol 157, January. pp 212-225

Mentions in media:

WSJ: Real Time Economics / Forbes / Bloomberg Opinion, by Noah Smith/Techonomy (podcast)/ Brookings- Future Development by Shanta Devarajan / Courtier en Bourse/ ProMarket / World Bank Newsletter / LiveMint

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